Runway Australian Experimental Art

Runway Experimental is an independent Australian experimental art journal run by a collective of Sydney-based artists, writers and curators. Runway is currently published three times a year and invites diverse voices to share, reflect upon, and discuss contemporary Australian art practice, as it happens.

Nerida is on the managerial board Runway beginning in the role of events manager and becoming the chairperson in her second year. In this role she manages the launch events for each issue, this has included dinner parties, film screenings and exhibitions. As the chair she manages twelve board members in the creation of the journal.


Board Member, Events Manager

2017 – 2019

Talia Smith

Tai Mitsuji

Georgia Stanton

Kathleen Linn

Grace Davenport

Grace Kingston

Luke Letourneau

Melissa McGrath

Sarinah Masukor

Tessa Rex