Secret Garden Festival

Secret Garden is a 6,000 capacity multi-award winning two night camping music and arts festival. Secret Garden bursts with small themed forest parties, plays, comedy, big main stage moments, games and art. It’s a 48 hour dress up party and all the profits go to a selected charity.

Nerida has programmed Forest Nook Stage for Secret Garden Festival from 2017 – 2019. Secret Garden Festival is programmed by a small team who have creative control over their stage. Working alongside Bec Young, Lachlan Heard and Dijana Kumurdian.


Arts Curatorial Committee and Assistant producer

2017 – 2019

Clare Downes

Adam Lewis

Grace Callahan

Tim Schmid

Bec Young

Lachlan Heard

Layth Saeed

Dijana Kumurdian


Lava’s Paradise


The stage maintained its neiche programming the best soul, jazz and disco from around Sydney. The line up included Nardean, Mango, Motherfunk and and local DJs Lorna Clarskon, Dollar Bill Darlings and Maia Bilyk.

The Cosmoteque


The stage focused more on live performances booking neo soul and jazz performances including Wallace, Godtet and The Goods, plus local DJs including Diola, Rydeen and Love Deluxe.

Fortuna Deluxe


The stage focused on theatre and experiential performances in the day and a heaving funk soul, disco dance floor in the night time. Booking a bunch of local DJs including Rimbombo and Keep It Disco and Yo Gritto.