Two Up

Two experts, two unrelated topics. Two Up is for inquisitive minds both young and old. A talk series that combines two completely unrelated topics in back to back lectures, then opens up to the audience for a fun and impulsive round of questioning, encouraging interaction between speakers and ideas.

Two Up was founded and run by Nerida. It  was a regular program from 2014 – 2017 and was included in the Vivid Sydney program from 2015 – 2017.



2014 – 2017


Charlie De Grussa – Designer

The talks

Basic Income | Australian Natives

Troy Henderson & Harriet Ampt

Late at the Lab hosted by Two Up

Lucien Alperstein & Ayebatonye

Sydney Contemporary Edition

Angela Goh & Sabella D’Souza

NSW Prison System | Magic tricks

Mindy Soltiri & Harry Milas

Paternity Leave | Retail Therapy

Leo Gordon & Bronwyn Cooper

Vivid Edition

Francesca Urbina & Emily McDaniel

Comic Book | Malaria 

Chris Neill & Alice Williamson

Defamation |Auslan Interpretation

James (Peach) d’Apice & Jennifer Maclaughlan

Venezuela Art | Synaesthesia

Nadia Hernandez & Joshua Berges

Internet Hacking | Ethical Fashion

Chris Gafford & Courney Sanders

Solar Energy & Pokie Machines

Luke Marshall & Drew Rooke

Contemporary Asian Art & Storytelling in Science

Jason Phu & Bish Marzook

Paramedics | US Presidential Election

Janelle White  & Dougal Robinson

Digital Cinema | Unemployment Economics

Bruce Isaacs & Eliza Owen

Idea Bombing | Craft Beer

Dan Illic & Oscar McMahon

Art Amusement Parks | Drone Regulation

Zanny Beg & Ben Brooks

Public Art | Slow Media

Chris Fox & Megan Le Masurier

Disco | Dead Languages

Rebecca Sheehan & Carlo Ritchie

Spoken Word Poetry | Psychedelic Support

Miles Merrill & Zevic Mishor

Cinema trash | Southern American Cooking.

Josh Wheatley Andrew Levins